Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls about town

Helloooooo Bloggers!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the Birthday of my awesome roomie/friend/sister/mischief partner K. E! Being her usual controlling self, she REQUESTED we all follow a dress code ... really, K? Hence, we all had to wear black dresses and heels. Some *cough* cheated a bit *cough* M.L, M.D and I.B, *cough*, but everyone was looking fantastic. Of course, by the end of the night, none of us could feel our feet anymore (at least I couldn't!), but we had the most amazing time. And N.L.'s hair was amaaaaaaazing!!!!!

My outfit had only 3 pieces: My dress, my shoes and a clutch (I was also wearing stud earrings I will be featuring in an upcoming post). The dress was super comfy and the shoes are some of my favorite! They were picked out by friends years ago for my birthday and have the most awesome heels ever.

On to the pics! All info is at the bottom. I also added where you can purchase some of the items, if interested in some options.

I am out. See ya!

Me and the Bday Chica

I will be posting the step-by-step makeup tutorial of this look soon. If you are interested, stay tuned!
Us again... yeah, I had the "LOL" face. --__--

The lovely ladies

Front of the dress

The Shoes

The clutch for the night :)

Info Corner
Dress: BCX Dresses, Macys. I got mine a while ago, but some are available here. 
This one is also very similar.

Shoes: Pink Duchess

Sequined Clucth: Express. I got mine years ago, but  This one looks just like it.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Princess and the Bad Boy

Hello Bloggers!

If a sweet princess and a rugged fellow had a daughter, she would probably look something like this. I  had a split personality thing going on today... I was all white cotton, lace and dainty accessories on top, yet denim and combat boots on bottom. High waist shorts are all the rage right now... as they were 4 years ago! I have been loving and wearing these ones for years, even when they were not in fashion. They rock (and they are excellent at disguising a food tummy :P)
I enjoyed a lovely lunch with the girls today. Pho and Durian cream are AWESOME... Thank you Y. and W. for your amazing company.
Have an awesome day, Bloggers! See ya in a few.


Info Corner:
Cape-Like cropped top: Marshalls, Brand: Just Ginger
High waist shorts: Forever 21
Argyle Sweater tights: Marshalls, Chinese Laundry
Combats Boots: J. Michael Shoes
Layered Hair accessory: sold out, but same available  Here

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers and Ruffles...

Hi Bloggers!

I had a presentation this morning, but really did not feel like wearing slacks. I instead decided to  reeeaaally stretch the definition of "Business Casual". :)

I have been paying attention to the flowery pants trend and really did not think I would ever jump in. However, I spotted an AWESOME pair at "Some Girls" on Marshall Street, and they were half off. (shriek!) I brought them home and today was their time to shine!

Since the pants are such a statement, I just wore a jeweled wife beater and a black peplum blazer.  Both are fairly old pieces. No other accessories needed! I started the day with heels, but (thankfully) opted for oxfords later on. Oh, and I went with the un-tucked version :)


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Old People Have a right to Prom too

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Hello Bloggers!

Yesterday, I got to kind of understand what prom was all about. See, I grew up abroad; back home, we do not really have such a thing. However, yesterday was my business school's end of the year banquet; we all got to doll up and show up in our finest garments. It felt great to change it up a little, step away from the denim and rock some heels! I also got the "Freshest Dresser" award, which was pretty cool (thank you classmates!!!). It was fun, everybody was looking gorgeous, and we all got to hang out before our May graduation. Best Night Ever.
Here are a couple pictures of my "Old people prom"; Enjoy! xoxox

P.S: I was sober in all the pictures. Really.

Info Corner:
Dress: Bebe
Puff Sleeve Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Shoomi Shoetique:
Clutch: DSW
No other accessories were needed! :)

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter OOTD: African Chick Swag

Hello Bloggers! Happy Happy Easter!!!! I hope you all had amazing celebrations.
I had a blast today; my rommie, boyfriend and I  were invited for dinner at my aunt and uncle's. It was  low key, laid back and we had a lot of fun. We watched the YouTube video "Facebook parenting for the troubled teen", and had diverse reactions about it; we ate a lot of food, and I am actually right about to drift in a food-induced coma. However, I still have enough strength to gush about my outfit of the day, because I got to wear an traditional AFRICAN DRESS! Yay!

My friend's mom got this made for me last year. The ensemble features a strapless bustier, paired with a long and flowy skirt. The skirt has sort of a slit with a slight ruffle at the end, and the top has some appliques and sequin detailing. The whole thing is just gorgeous, and very easy to wear.

Thank you for your time, and have an awesome day Bloggers!
Again, Happy Happy Easter! :)
Dafra xoxo

Info Corner:
Golden beaded slip-on heels: very old, probably got it from Wal-Mart or some other random store
Ensemble: Custom-made, Burkina Faso
Necklace: JC Penney Pin It

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Edgy Chic

Gaaaah! I just spent a whole afternoon (actually a whole day, it is 2 AM) going back and forth between  templates for the blog. Such a productive use of my time! I used at least 5 different Btemplates, then some other template from some other place, then ended up simply coming back to Blogger Templates. The funny part is that I actually enjoyed the whole process; customizing stuff, getting shiny blog buttons, going crazy over re-sizing pictures... It was fun. I feel like I created something from scratch- that I am quite likely to turn upside down in the coming weeks, but something nonetheless. It's a good feeling.
On to our OOTD, woo! This is actually a combination I created last week or so. I wanted to look feminine, but have been obsessing over these combat boots lately... they are soooo comfy!

I am also really, really liking my red hair extensions. I love the color; I wonder why I did not dye the sooner.
Have a Great day Bloggers!

Dafra xoxo

Info Corner:

Hair: Madira Virgin Hair
Black Flower Necklace, Zanzara, Chicago IL
Multi Layer Necklace: JC Penney
Red Plaid shirt: Vanity (old)
Stretch Mini Skirt : Forever 21
Tank top: Random store
Boots: J Michael Shoes

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

OOTD: Lime and Strawberry Sorbet.

As I am writing this post, I wonder if I want to give this blog a direction. It would actually make sense, really. Some bloggers are great at keeping things neat, and strictly dedicating their blogs to fashion, beauty, hair, vlogs or anything like that. I think it is really cool. I am not really sure I want to do that, though. Later, maybe… But as of now, I am just starting out, and am OK  just posting about what I feel like posting about. Enough rambling! On to today’s topic: Outfit of the Day! WooHoo!

I was feeling like experiencing with color-blocking, and this is what I came up with. The weather was beautiful, and it just made me want to be colorful. I purchased the shirt from a thrift store (The Salvation Army, I believe), and the skirt from Ross. Super cheap outfit, score!

Pink Skirt From Ross
Bracelet from Forever 21, Belt from Ebay

Necklace from Aldo

Jewelry from Forever 21
Shoes From Nine West
Have an awesome day, Bloggers! 

Dafra xoxo

Info Corner: 
Skirt: Ross, $6
Long Sleeve Tee: Salvation Army, $2
Studded Belt: Ebay
Tights: Chinese Laundry, Marshalls
Wedges: Nine West
Chunky necklace: Aldo
Bracelet and Earrings: Forever 21
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