Sunday, April 8, 2012

Edgy Chic

Gaaaah! I just spent a whole afternoon (actually a whole day, it is 2 AM) going back and forth between  templates for the blog. Such a productive use of my time! I used at least 5 different Btemplates, then some other template from some other place, then ended up simply coming back to Blogger Templates. The funny part is that I actually enjoyed the whole process; customizing stuff, getting shiny blog buttons, going crazy over re-sizing pictures... It was fun. I feel like I created something from scratch- that I am quite likely to turn upside down in the coming weeks, but something nonetheless. It's a good feeling.
On to our OOTD, woo! This is actually a combination I created last week or so. I wanted to look feminine, but have been obsessing over these combat boots lately... they are soooo comfy!

I am also really, really liking my red hair extensions. I love the color; I wonder why I did not dye the sooner.
Have a Great day Bloggers!

Dafra xoxo

Info Corner:

Hair: Madira Virgin Hair
Black Flower Necklace, Zanzara, Chicago IL
Multi Layer Necklace: JC Penney
Red Plaid shirt: Vanity (old)
Stretch Mini Skirt : Forever 21
Tank top: Random store
Boots: J Michael Shoes

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