Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers and Ruffles...

Hi Bloggers!

I had a presentation this morning, but really did not feel like wearing slacks. I instead decided to  reeeaaally stretch the definition of "Business Casual". :)

I have been paying attention to the flowery pants trend and really did not think I would ever jump in. However, I spotted an AWESOME pair at "Some Girls" on Marshall Street, and they were half off. (shriek!) I brought them home and today was their time to shine!

Since the pants are such a statement, I just wore a jeweled wife beater and a black peplum blazer.  Both are fairly old pieces. No other accessories needed! I started the day with heels, but (thankfully) opted for oxfords later on. Oh, and I went with the un-tucked version :)


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