Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls about town

Helloooooo Bloggers!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the Birthday of my awesome roomie/friend/sister/mischief partner K. E! Being her usual controlling self, she REQUESTED we all follow a dress code ... really, K? Hence, we all had to wear black dresses and heels. Some *cough* cheated a bit *cough* M.L, M.D and I.B, *cough*, but everyone was looking fantastic. Of course, by the end of the night, none of us could feel our feet anymore (at least I couldn't!), but we had the most amazing time. And N.L.'s hair was amaaaaaaazing!!!!!

My outfit had only 3 pieces: My dress, my shoes and a clutch (I was also wearing stud earrings I will be featuring in an upcoming post). The dress was super comfy and the shoes are some of my favorite! They were picked out by friends years ago for my birthday and have the most awesome heels ever.

On to the pics! All info is at the bottom. I also added where you can purchase some of the items, if interested in some options.

I am out. See ya!

Me and the Bday Chica

I will be posting the step-by-step makeup tutorial of this look soon. If you are interested, stay tuned!
Us again... yeah, I had the "LOL" face. --__--

The lovely ladies

Front of the dress

The Shoes

The clutch for the night :)

Info Corner
Dress: BCX Dresses, Macys. I got mine a while ago, but some are available here. 
This one is also very similar.

Shoes: Pink Duchess

Sequined Clucth: Express. I got mine years ago, but  This one looks just like it.

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