Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Hey all,

I hope you had a great holiday weekend with your loved ones! My weekend was pretty awesome: I was in Rochester for my friend's graduation on Saturday and came back home on Sunday night. Today, I had a fun picnic in the park with friends. We had a great time, shared great food, played games, dipped our toes in the cool water... it was dreamy! Thank you all for an amazing day!
My outfit was very simple: I wore high-waist shorts with a very retro feel. Those are from F21 and a similar pair me be found here, but my aim is to get my hands on a vintage pair... need to get back to thrifting! My tank top is from Old Navy- bought it for $2 yesterday! WooHoo for Memorial Day Sales! It does scoop really low though... not Frisbee friendly :(
Here are a few pics; enjoy!

xoxo, D.

It was an awesome day!


Great Friends around great food

Dreamy sight: Blue waters, green trees, Bright sky!


Crazy Frisbee game... ended in the loss of my fave sandals :(

A gree bug on Fon's pretty fingers ;)

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