Monday, July 9, 2012

On the way to Grand Canyon!

Hello Bloggers!

 I hope you are having an amazing Sunday. I have been MIA last week because I have been travelling... Around the holiday, I journeyed with friends to Phoenix AZ, Grand Canyon, and Vegas :D I will be sharing my experience with you guys, but will have to break it up in a few posts because I took well over 400 pictures!

We left on Friday evening and were planning on arriving in Phoenix on Saturday morning. The first half of the trip, I did not take much pictures; it was dark, and, to be honest, I was busy napping in the car. We had a nice drive, but made the mistake of choosing fast food as a dinner option. Bad, bad idea: we all fell in a food coma, and had to stop to a motel for the night. So, in the middle of the desert (somewhere in Pomona, CA) we ended up in a place called the Lemon Tree motel, which actually happened to have lemon trees in its backyard.

The next day, we started our drive bright and early (translation: 9:00 AM :) ) and had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe; very nice place, and they had Mimosa samplers (the usual orange, as well as cranberry and strawberry: yum!) Ransom: we also saw a Datsun in the parking lot, and I realized I hadn't seen one in ages! The rest of the drive was great; we saw countless windmills, drove over dunes covered in scattered vegetation and saw way to many cacti. We finally made it to Phoenix around 4PM on Saturday afternoon. Phew!

Tomorrow: Phoenix with old friends, and our arrival to the Canyon on Sunday morning! 

Enjoy, xoxo


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