Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phoenix, AZ: Great food, amazing friends.

Hello bloggers!

As mentioned in the previos post, we made it to Phoenix on Saturday afternoon. I actually did not take much pictures on Saturday, but I have an excuse: I was busy eating. My friend A. and her husband E. kindly welcomed us in their new home for the length of our stay; I also got to hang out with my old friend S. and was introduced to their dog Lucky (which I had already met via Facebook chat :) ). They had prepared a real feast, with tons of food, and an African staple: plantains, which are basically fried bananas. We ate like crazy and then went to swim. It was awesome.

The next day, Sunday, we watched the Euro soccer finals and slept some more :). At night, we went out to dinner at a really cute Japanese place, and walked around just a bit. It was simple, laid back, perfect. However, we could not hang out much because we had to wake up  at 3:00 AM to go to the Grand Canyon! WooHoo!!!

I was super excited because I got to wear that super cute sheer Maxi-Mini skirt. The color is ombre teal-white, the fabric is super light, it is flowy and beautiful... Did not even need any accessories :P

Thank you for stopping by, as always. Enjoy the pics. xoxo

Mr. Lucky

Babbling as always!

Isn't she cute?

Info Corner:

Skirt: Forever 21, similar here
Black tank with silver flecks- No idea where I got it...any tank would do
Leather purse- Gift from back home from my auntie :)

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