Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Playing Model: Bossy Wigs Photo Shoot in L.A.

Hi Bloggers!!!!!

In my previous post, I mentioned I was briefly in LA just before Thanksgiving week. Well, it was actually for a photo shoot for Bossy Wigs. I won a contest a few weeks ago on FaceBook (Thank you friends who voted for me :D ), and was selected to participate in a shoot in L.A. Yay!

It was a whole lot of fun, but also quite a bit of work: my family and I were actually scheduled to be in Vegas that weekend, so I flew to Vegas, drove to L.A. overnight, did the shoot in the morning, drove back to Vegas in the afternoon, right before I went out to party (outfit in my previous post.) Whew!

The shoot took place in a photo studio; we feasted on snacks and mimosas, and enjoyed good company, conversation and laughter. It was great to be pampered by the makeup artists and to get our hair done- you guys know I love that stuff :)  The owner of the company, Tiffany AKA MissBossy, had already made me a custom wig of a Yaki texture from KinkyCurlyYaki, an awesome company providing extensions mimicking natural hair from Black/ African descent: Afro, textured, low luster, the whole shebang! If that description fits your mane, do yourself a favor and check them out. I have a lot less maintenance to to these days, I'll tell you that much ;)

The wig was awesome- I still wear it. It was a u-part, super flat, with neat stitches and perfect construction. It felt so light and natural, it was ridiculous. Seriously, if you are considering paying for a u-part, please check out Bossy Wigs on FB-her work is truly amazing.

I had brought a gazillion outfit changes, and there was a pretty well furnished wardrobe available as well; however, I ended up wearing only 2, because there were a lot of models, all super gorgeous!

Now to the fashion piece: my two outfits were very different; one was a little "Old Hollywood", with a studded corset and a tight high waisted pencil skirt. I thought it made me feel like a vixen, especially with the bright red lips! :D
The second one was a little more romantic, featuring an off shoulder long sleeve lace blouse, with a red bubble skirt. It was cute yet sophisticated.

Here are a few highlights of the day, from my eyes; I hope you enjoy that little glimpse into the Bossy Experience! The first pictures are the professional shots, and the ones below are the "Behind the scenes".

Enjoy, and until next time, stay safe and fashionable!


Got my vixen on!

With the second winner, Lauren

About to get Bossy-fied

They asked me to remove my shoes- i was too tall :D

MsBossy and some of the other models- All so Gorge!!! 

Ready to head back to Vegas

Isn't Lauren the prettiest????

Info Corner:
Corset: Forever 21
Midi Pencil Skirt: Forever 21
Tan Wedges: Just Fab
Lace off the shoulder blouse: ASOS
Bubble skirt: Forever 21
Studded red peplum jacket: Ebay Pin It

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