Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: Awesome.

DISCLAIMER: This post reflects my experience at the Gay Pride Parade last Sunday. I have my own opinions, and understand they may not be yours. In case this post does not agree with your beliefs, I politely ask you to move on to another one; please refrain from leaving negative comments on my blog. They will not be tolerated.

Hello Bloggers!

This Sunday, I had the best time at the Gay Pride Parade here in San Francisco. It was mind blowing! It was my first time to attend a Pride Parade, and I can tell you it will not be the last. I had a great time admiring the floats and the costumes, but I was especially thrilled by how excited everyone was. People wore the most interesting outfits ever; I wanted to take pictures of everybody! I obviously could not, but I thank all the people who allowed me to take pictures of their costumes. I was quite nervous on my way there, but people were very nice about it.

More importantly, I appreciate the deeper meaning of this celebration. We were all born equal, should have the same rights and no person should have the right to put anyone else down because of their sexual orientation. I believe in God, and because of it, I know that I am in NO PLACE to judge my fellow man.

Below are quite a few more pictures  than usual. Enjoy!

P.S: Do not forget to comment! Please let me know how I did on my first street post! :)

xoxo, D.

You guys know I love glitter, I was envious of those tiaras.

At the train station

Loved the wing :)

Such sunny colors, love it!

Mutt :)

Star 101.3 car

Their whole outfit was gorge :)

I had to have a picture of this!

I thought she was cute, sitting up there :)

She painted it herself!

Cool hat :)

Um, Yeah :)


Love her dress, and her SHOES!

Recology float

Genetech float ( my favorite)

SF weekly

Google brought the party to the yard :)


They sure have rockin' abs!



How cool is this shirt???? Visa La Migra!

They were hilarious!


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunny Neon Peplum: My first Cali OOTD!

Hello, Bloggers!!!

I hope you guys had an awesome Sunday; what did you do today?

I went to the Gay Pride Parade, here in SFO. I had the BEST time; I will have a post up about it tomorrow :) On to the OOTD!
I wanted to be a lot more colorful than this, but I still felt sunny enough. I am not sure if I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the peplum trend, especially peplum shirts and skirts, even though dresses are obviously cute too! I paired my neon orange peplum shirt (similar one here)  with a black Forever 21 bodycon mini, and some AWESOME Jeffrey Campbell teal sandals. Those shoes are to DIE for; I got so so many compliments about them today! I got them for next to nothing: they were in clearance for... wait for it... $35.00!!!! WHAT!!!!! They are actually 2 sizes too small, but they run way big, and I am willing to sacrifice a little because a deal like this almost never happens. Also, I walked for around 2 hours and was not in tears when I got back home! :) Unfortunately, for the life of me, I could not find them anywhere online, because I don't know their name; here is a different pair.
My neckwear is a vintage Monet necklace that I got thrifting.

xoxo, D.


Info Corner
Peplum Blouse: Ambiance San Francisco
Bodycon Mini Skirt: Forever 21
Teal Heels: Jeffrey Campbell Ibiza
Pendant: Monet

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sequins and Midi: Perfect combination!

Hello Bloggers!!!

I hope you are having an amazing day! This week was quite eventful for me, but I am very grateful for everything happening in my life. I have been trying to bring you this post since last week, but I have been so caught up that I am almost a week late. :( So, without further ado, let's jump into it!

I wore this outfit last week for a dinner date, and it was actually not my first choice: I had something completely different picked out, but ended up going with this because these pieces would not need ironing :P ; this hence impromptu outfit actually it turned out quite nice!

The top is by Charlotte Russe; I love how the sleeves are satiny and puffy, doubled up with a matte and "ruched" sweetheart neckline. Very simple, but yet quite dressy. I unfortunately purchased it years ago; it may not be available anymore.

The skirt is a little treasure: I got it on sale from ASOS a few months ago, and it was a STEAL! ($20, I believe, and they offer FREE SHIPPING! yay!) Please find similar ones here and here. It is made out of tiny sequins, has an attached opaque slip and a simple black elastic waistband. No fuss: just slip it on and go!

Those two pieces are some of my favorite of all time. They are so simple to work with it is ridiculous! Hair and makeup were kept very simple. i just had a brown smokey eye, some lip gloss and a little pink flower pin :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures; Have an awesome rest of the day!

xoxo, D.

Info Corner:
Skirt: ASOS
Top: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Nine West
Ring: Forever 21
Hairpin: I have no idea :(

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