Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blue Gold: Cheap 'n' Chic!

Hello Bloggersssss!!!!!

I am coming at you super quick for an OOTD I rocked last weekend for a date night. It was super simple, and featured an awesome cobalt blue skirt from Walmart! Say whaaaaat....

I actually purchased this piece right before moving to the Bay. It is by Ms. Tina's collection (Beyonce's momma)- I did not even know she had a line for Walmart! It was 15 bucks!!!!! Can you say score? I wore it a few times already, and I just love it: simple, effortless, light, comfy, elegant... the whole package. (Find a similar one here.)

I paired it with a simple white strapless sweetheart neckline top that I got years and years ago from (similar ones here and here), and an old leather belt that I wear all the time (even though I have no idea where it is from; find a similar one here.)

The two main pieces of my outfit were my statement necklace and my shoes (they matched, hehe!) I got the shoes from JustFab, they are the Mandalit ones. The quality is not the best, but BOY are they cute! I thought it would be the perfect occasion to bring my statement necklace from H&M out of the jewelry box, since I do not get to wear it often; the gold accent from the shoe would be the perfect complement to my bright neckline (could not find it online, similar one here. In my humble opinion, I was right on the money!

Enough blabber. Love you all, enjoy the pictures.

xoxo, D.

 Info Corner:

Skirt: Ms Tina for WalMart
Shoes: JustFab Mandalit
Necklace: H&M
Bracelets: Thrifted & Gifts.

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