Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 !!!

Hello Bloggers!!!!!

I wish you all a very, very Happy New Year.
Here are the things I wish all and each one of us for the new year 2013:

I wish the Lord to keep us in his peace, grace and love ALWAYS.

I ask Him to listen to our desires, but give us what we NEED, not what we WANT. I also ask Him to soothe our little hearts when we do not get our ways.

I wish Him to help us notice the less fortunate in our lives so we can lend a helping hand. Some people were not lucky enough to have their families with them yesterday, a dinner or party to attend or even a warm bed to sleep into. I ask our Heavenly Father to use us as instruments to spread his Love to the ones in need.

I also ask our Father to guide us on the path He has chosen for us; may He, in his absolute generosity, open our eyes to our mission on this earth in 2013, and lead us all to live fulfilling and prosperous lives.  

In Jesus' name,  AMEN.

Now, on to the fashion piece! I attended a party in Seattle, which took place in a museum. It was fun, I was surrounded by great people, and I had an awesome time!

The dress I chose was both modest and revealing, if there is such a thing, hehe; it was a rather simple mini (besides the sequins) with long sleeves featuring a V cut on the back (available here; similar here.)  I look really oily in the pics- it is thanks to my friend, who doused me in Vitamin E oil to soothe my dry skin! Hey, it worked :P

My lazy self ended up shopping for shoes yesterday itself, and with my fat feet (sz 11), it was not fun; I ran across half a dozen shoe stores before I found my salvation under the shape of these BP Ginnie pumps/booties/whatever they are. (similar here and here)  I thought they would be super comfy; after all, they are not that high and have a chunky heel.... What! In spite of their cuteness, they were horrendous! I could barely walk by the end of the evening :( 

I accessorized very little, and just sported an oversize crystal flower ring (similar here and here) and  studs (similar here and here.)

Finally, Thank you all for being here; I have seen my DafraStar Family grow every day for the past year, and I cannot wait to see more people join our fun little bunch. I appreciate all your support here and on YouTube, and here's to a great year!

Enough babble. Enjoy, and until next time, stay safe and fashionable!


Info Corner

Dress: Arden B.
Shoes: BP from Nordstrom
Ring and Earrings: Forever 21
Hair: KinkyCurlyYaki and Bossy Wigs

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